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My passion for photography started at an early age and came from my father, who during his summer breaks from college, was a photographer for the Lancaster Sunday News in Pennsylvania. When I was a teen we built a darkroom together in our basement and my photographic journey began. He taught me black and white film processing, and I spent many hours there honing my skills long before the advent of digital photography. My father also had a passion for Leica cameras and I was fortunate to use his Leica M3 for most of my early photography - a camera I still have.

My love of the ocean started at an early age. My family spent summers at the Jersey shore, where I spent just about every minute either in or on the ocean. Later, my wife and I traveled frequently to the Caribbean where we snorkeled the beautiful Caribbean waters. After a discover scuba diving course in Turks and Caicos we were hooked…we got dive certified and never looked back.

My primary focus now is underwater photography, but I still love black and white and landscape photography. Living next to Longwood Gardens, an internationally renowned garden in Kennett Square Pennsylvania, I couldn’t help but develop a passion for flower photography too.

Diving is a unique sensory experience. Breathing underwater, floating weightlessly, hearing only the meditative repetition of breath, concentrates the focus intently on the visual. Photography is a means of capturing that visual experience.

The diversity and beauty of marine life in our oceans never ceases to amaze me. There is always a new story to tell - from the graceful and powerful movement of sharks to the tiniest of creatures camouflaged in the reef, barely visible with the naked eye. I can’t get enough. Each new image encourages me to learn more about our fragile oceans. I am blessed to be able to enjoy and share my experience of a world most people will never have the opportunity to see.

With my underwater photography, I hope to take viewers with me on a visual journey to see and appreciate the ocean with its incredible diversity and wonderous life. If I can raise awareness of the importance of protecting this delicate resource then I have accomplished my goal.

The ocean deserves our respect and gratitude. Take only pictures, leave only bubbles.